The car left with more speed than it came down with and was out of sight before Laura had finished stepping through the back door. The elite made a point of directing her from behind which Laura expected and fell into line with instantly.

Ahead of Laura were a series of hallways too small to be public with many branches left and right seemingly the length of a large complex. She found herself suddenly wondering about just what had to be torn down in a nation’s capital to make room for the reclamation facility when a goofy looking spiky haired doctor with a hand scanner suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Punk bastard!” he snarled as he began scanning over Laura’s body. The elite did not command Laura to stop so she didn’t and so the doctor had to work while walking alongside her. He clapped a metal bio-blocker collar around her neck, pulled out a holographic clipboard after he was done scanning her with a hand scanner and began writing frantically. What he required only took him a few moments and when he was done he took a single second to look over her appreciatively.

The elite shot her hand out against his chest and shoved him backward into the wall. It didn’t break anything but it was hard enough to make a bam sound and her voice when she said, “Leave,” seemed to carry with a threat that made the doctor very nervous. He saluted her, the Faction method almost identical to the United States version, and was quickly gone.

A moment later Laura reached an elevator and the elite stopped her with a grip on her shoulder, opened the door, and pushed her gently inside. Laura was instantly flabbergasted at the sight of the shining gold walls and a red tiled floor of an elevator utterly out of place around the boring white rooms of a reclamation facility.

Inside the elite soldier removed the armor just over her left index finger, pressed it almost daintily against the black fingerprint scanner just right of a slender black touchpad screen that contained three white digital buttons. Despite being a Special Forces level soldier there was a hint of a real girl underneath in the form of a blue painted fingernail that may have matched her eyes.

When the two red buttons formed above the three white she reformed her armor over her finger, pressed the top, and was so much the soldier in her body language that it was almost hard for Laura to believe any hint of anything otherwise had ever been there.

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