He is only a man who keeps his women from harm.”

What a saying filled with wisdom! In the light of the admonition from the Apostle Peter that “Husbands [men] dwell with them [women] with understanding, giving honour to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life…” (1 Peter 3:7, NKJV, emphasis mine), I still can’t understand why gender discrimination would be found in our world.

God created man from dust, and woman from man for his very excellent reason: that the woman should be a helper to the man. Now, a helper deserves everything the one she helps deserves. The helped ought to know that despising his helper is automatically sending himself on a suicide mission. God did not design honour for man alone. Women must be honoured too; it’s part of God’s plan for mankind. I can’t imagine a world without women. If it was possible, God wouldn’t have bothered to create the first one. This is still too difficult for most men to absorb.

Women ought to be treated as ornaments – though strong, yet fragile – but sadly most men consider them to be mere sex objects, created for their satisfaction. Sexists (and even non-sexists but lovers of the beast) see them as sex toys, and claim this to be their justification for interacting with them sexually anytime anywhere, with or without their consent. This has also affected a lot of female children; abused minors. A saying goes that women are God’s partners in creation. I can’t imagine a world without women, I dare say again. How will men (their abusers) be born? God created all for His very good reasons and granted each, rights to be upheld.


Psychology describes mania as a mental illness marked by extreme obsession, excitement or violence. It’s a condition which makes a person to live in an extreme and abnormal desire; an enthusiasm for something, e.g. stealing. Kleptomania, dipsomania, nymphomania and pyromania are different forms of mania. Nymphomaniac is an often derogatory expression for a woman who has an excessive desire for sex. Such person may often indulge in rape.

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