Becky disappeared to be replaced by Ben.

Oh my God. No. What did you…? Where’s Becky? What did you do to her?”

Nothing. I am Becky. I have been all along.”

No, that’s impossible.”

Is it?” he said with Becky’s voice. “Why do you think I was so eager to help you find a boyfriend? Why I sat with you, listening to you whine about how no one was good enough for you? When you arranged that date with Marc? You really tested me there. I had to knock the guy out in the restroom and steal his clothes.”

Dana stopped. “So you lived in my house, learned everything about me and you still don’t measure up? What does that tell you?”

That you’re too picky.”

That I’m not interested! Take a hint!”

He lunged at her, but she dodged him and got into the car. He banged on the hood. “I’ve come too far, Dana. We are going to be together.”

She started the car. “Wanna bet?”

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