Then the original research building might still be there.’

I know every square centimetre of the base. Where was the research building sited?’

It used to be at the end of the parallel perimeter track.’

Mike tried hard to remember what was in that location. ‘That area is hardly ever used; the only building out there is one of the storage sheds.’

Then that could be the one. What do you use it for?’

It’s where we retain used parts for the Phasewaves. I’ve been inside it a few times, but I’ve never noticed anything unusual. D’you think there could be anything left?’

It’s a possibility.’

I’ll drive out there tomorrow and take a look. Could you describe what I should be looking for?’

I could, but it might be easier if I come with you. Just to make sure, you understand.’

That would be very helpful and much appreciated,’ Mike said.

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