‘You aim to warn me. So, I thought dragons of the new age sought peace, that's what you preach these days, isn't it?’ Zeng’s tone of voice was to mock the red dragon.

‘If Talbert's harmed, you and your sisterhood will be held responsible, and my fury will have no end.’

‘This is about a puny wizard.’ Zeng chuckled. ‘Witches have no dealings with their kind. We're haters of them, and they don't like us. Remember, Salamander placed the curse of a thousand winters on our heads.’

‘The McKamy Sisterhood, I'm well versed in your past failures, the forgotten truth,’ Lord Spiro butted in. ‘And the ill fate you've brought on all other sisterhoods. Of course, present Mother, you'd want to forget, and if I was you, so would I.’

In the age of peace, when the McKamy Sisterhood governed all sisterhoods, then the thirty-ninth Mother was named, Leela. She was devious and plotted against the wizards. They laid claim to witch’s good deeds, reaping great rewards, there was fame and fortune to be made from their lies. Rather than share their knowledge and power with witches, wizards claimed witches harboured evil, and practiced dark magic. On the lies of wizards many witches were hung or burned at the stake.

Leela knew to beat the reign of wizards, she would go further than any Mother before her, to learn the power of wizards, she would bewitch only the highest, a High Sorcerer from the Temple Algal. Mother Leela and High Sorcerer Salamander became close. And one summer morning, not far from McKamy Castle, on a boat, on Lake San, she slipped poison into his wine. Then she pushed him overboard. Mother Leela, then placed spells on the water, she calmed its surface, and with a touch of her ring finger, Lake San became ice. Locked beneath the surface, High Sorcerer Salamander would serve her. She would drain and exploit his power. She would discover his strengths and weaknesses, and trade knowledge with other sisterhoods to benefit her own. And most importantly, she would end the reign of wizards. But no sooner did Mother Leela set foot on dryland, the ice spread from Lake San, and beyond, consuming the lands all around. At once Scotland was in the grip of forever winter.

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