The Dunes

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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The sand was cold on my feet as I returned to the Dunes. Fall had touched the land and there were flocks of birds heading south.

It was a strange time to visit the Dunes, but life was getting stranger. It all fit.

The last time I was here the dragons had been silent. The goddess that reigned over the Dunes had been dethroned by a fierce and relentless storm. I looked to see if there was anything left of her, and what form she took now.

She looked reckless, her limbs flinging wildly into the sky.

Her head had been ripped off, shattered and left like bones bleaching in the sand below.

But there was something about her stance that made me look again. She was not totally ruined. There was a look of abandon about her, like, “So what… I’m not that easy to kill.”

Her limbs seemed to flail out at the sky in blind desperation, as if to slash the one who tried to destroy her. She could no longer see her enemy but she knew he was still there. He was everywhere now. The end times were here.

Still, she was stronger than ever. Decapitated, she seemed even more powerful. Not needing a mind, she used her remaining body to show her disdain for her attackers. Her limbs flaunted their proud power. She was a proud lady, and I was proud to have known her in her mightiest hour.

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