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"The quirkiest genre satire to hit bookstores

since Terry Pratchett's Discworld"

The West Australian

What are readers saying about Hal? No spoilers!

"Be assured you have one dedicated fan here. I will buy the next one and every one after that. I have read the first one three times and it is amazing how it just feels so good. Thanks again."

"Thoroughly recommend Hal Spacejock if anyone has not had the chance to read it. Couldn't put it down once I started reading it. Looking foward to Hal's new adventures. Keep up the great work."

"I finished Hal last night and really enjoyed it. A Very entertaining read. (I was up until midnight reading, damn you for making it so interesting!)"

"I am a Science Fiction fan, especially Star Wars and Star Trek, but your book was even better. I can't wait until the next one. Excellent work!"

"Someone said it is as good as Red Dwarf ... It's far better and would make a great TV series."

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