Rapture: Survivor Chronicles Book 1

Mike Sutton

Published by Mike Sutton at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Mike Sutton

ISBN 978-0-557-44731-2

In peace and prosperity states and individuals are actuated by higher principles because they do not find themselves face to face with imperious necessities. – Thucydides

Jim rolled over onto his side, pulling the covers up over his head to shield his eyes and ward off the encroaching sunlight. He groaned as he moved, knowing that he was fully awake. Even knowing that he was awake, he still wasn’t willing to give up the ghost and submit to consciousness yet.

He stretched is arm out and slid his hand towards the side of his bed where his wife slept. She had been feeling ill the night before, so they had gone to bed without making love. Which was unusual for them since they had been trying for a second child. Not to mention, they still enjoyed the act, even after five years of marriage, despite what all of the comedians had always said. His hand found nothing but empty mattress.

The cold empty spot beside him caused Jim to wonder where his wife had gotten off to so early. And when she had left. Finally surrendering to the inevitable, he pried open his eyes and let the early-morning sunshine wash over him. He lay there for a moment, adjusting to the light before looking at the clock on Alex’s nightstand. The red digits spelled out 8:12 AM. Not too dreadfully early as he had expected, but early enough. They had made plans the night before to sleep in that morning and then perhaps spend the day in bed.

That had been the plan, and they were going to take it as far as they could, enjoying every minute abed that they could scrape together. Until Meredith woke them up.

Meredith. Their own alarm clock. She had been crying earlier, he had thought. But then, before he was forced to get up and see what was wrong, the crying had ceased, letting him drift back into the land of dreams. That had all happened, oh, an hour, perhaps two, before. Time became meaningless when you didn’t watch the clock.

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