The Ugly Princess

by Oksana Vasilenko

Copyright Oksana Vasilenko 2011

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Once upon a time in a far away land a baby princess was born. Everybody was very happy because the king and the queen had been married for ten years but it was their first child. The king hurried to see his daughter.

‘Oh, I’m sure she will be the most beautiful princess in the world!’ he thought. ‘She will have dark curly hair and shining green eyes like her mother. Her teeth will be white like pearls, and her cheeks will be rosy like rose petals! We will name her the Beautiful Gabriella.’

But when he saw her, he cried. The little princess was very ugly. Her face was red and blotchy, her head was too big, her nose was too long.

Days were passing after days, and the princess was growing up. The older she grew, the uglier she became. She had a big hunch on her back and a big wart on her nose. She was cross-eyed and her teeth were sticking out. The princess was so ugly that everybody called her the Ugly Gabriella.

The queen was so sad that she cried all the time. She couldn’t believe that her baby daughter was so ugly.

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