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The Traveller.

Raymond Daley

Copyright 18/9/11 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

London, 2011. The landing was easy, done with the experience of one who'd performed it so many times he could probably do it in his sleep. No, he'd better not say that out loud. Somewhere in another reality there probably WAS an alternate version of him checking reality anomalies which required landing whilst asleep.

He fired up the computer. Fantastic, this reality had Wi-Fi and an Internet. Well that would make his job that much easier and quicker.

Brilliant, it even had a Wikipedia. At least it was better than that last place, heck they hadn't even had a space program so no satellites, no GPS and sadly no Internet.

He'd had to do all his research in libraries, eventually locating the anomaly - Werner Von Braun had died as a baby so no rocket research. He'd been glad to leave there but London had looked so different without any Blitzkrieg, it looked old was what it looked.

"Anyway" he thought, "back to here". Dickens had lived, Kennedy had been assassinated, Von Braun here too as well as the many other names he knew to check from his previous trips. Minutes of looking became hours which became days then weeks.

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