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ISBN: 978-0-9977519-7-0

D. L. Finn

The sun had just set under dark gray clouds. The night chill was creeping through Kenzie’s new red coat, making her shiver. The sidewalks were overflowing with people trying to avoid the forecasted snow. “The storm of the century” had been the main topic at work. The local news and her newspaper’s “weather specialist,” Rod, were predicting a blizzard that would shut the city down. Be prepared. She wasn’t worried, but her boss, Eileen, had let everyone go early to beat the snow, closing the office halfway through what was already a half day—Christmas Eve—even though the storm wasn’t supposed to hit until that evening. Eileen probably just wanted to get out of there, like everyone else. Except Kenzie.

“Ho, ho, ho! A storm is coming, everyone. Go finish up your shopping,” Eileen announced, without looking in Kenzie’s direction. She added, “Then get home and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Happy holidays!”

I’ll get right on that, Eileen, Kenzie thought. There was no shopping for her to do because there were no loved ones to spend Christmas with.

Kenzie hung around the empty office editing some feel-good articles about animals and children for the coming year. She could be so positive and upbeat in her writing, but not in her own life, apparently. At least her column was set through February, but that brought her no satisfaction. Finally, she ran out of things to do. It was time to go home and endure her four-day weekend.

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