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Night of the Dragon

Peggy Webb

Copyright 2011 Peggy Webb

Cover design copyright 2011 Marc Fletcher

Publishing History/ Bantam Loveswept

Copyright 1998 by Peggy Webb

Smashwords Edition


Once upon a time . . . The wooden sign, painted with red lettering in Old English scroll, held promises of faraway places where magic was as commonplace as mourning doves cooing on the windowsill, and dreams could be plucked by the pocketful from golden trees growing along the wayside.

Lydia loved the sign. She had brought it all the way from Pontotoc, Mississippi, in the back of her 1988 blue Ford truck, covered with a tarp so the storm she'd come through in Texas and the blistering heat in New Mexico and Arizona wouldn't warp it and damage its bright colors. Perched on a ladder she'd found in a dusty back room of the bookshop she'd purchased from Michael O'Hurley, she hung the sign over her front door.

"How does it look, Uncle Michael?" she said.

The old man who held the ladder looked like a leprechaun, with three tufts of white hair that sprouted from his head, a face as brown and wrinkled as a hickory nut, and a large hooked nose that dipped down over a generous mouth. His smile showed four gold teeth. He was fond of telling people he had found them at the end of the rainbow.

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