This book is dedicated to the late Bob White and the late Steve Parr. They were both promoters of live poetry shows in the 1990s, and they strove to provide the poets with the best venues to perform in. They promoted our work tirelessly and saw to it that we got paid for performing, a very rare thing in the poetry world. May their kindness and generosity always be remembered. This book is also dedicated to the late William Perkins, publisher, writer, teacher and friend, and to the late Dominique Lowell, beloved friend, poet and performer.

Formatting Note

While man of the poems in this work are in their original form, several of them appear as prose works. These particular pieces originally appeared in poetic form with each sentence sometimes being broken up into several lines. However, many people had previously complained that I was, in fact, naturally a prose writer and not really a poet. They further opined that what I was often doing was writing a series of aphorisms, or a list of observations, which would be more profitably composed in prose form. This evaluation of my work comes in handy as I commence to attempt to compile these works into an ebook. Only certain types of poetic line breaks work well in ebooks, whereas certain whole sentences usually seem more compatible with ebook text flow. Because the loss of poetic line breaks may change the effect of some works, some of the works may vary from their originally-published forms and certain editing liberties may be taken as I proceed to "translate" these poems into prose.

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