Watch Me

by M. Wills

Copyright 2018 M. Wills

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I stared at Karen's body in the mirror, adjusting my yoga outfit over my huge, perfect breasts. Her face was much prettier without that bitchy look across it all the time. I'd definitely made her life better, and now I was going to reap the rewards. I figured she was starting to get some of my memories, too, and no doubt she'd be attracted to her old body. Well, she could look all she wanted, but she'd never get these hips back, this gorgeous face, these breasts. I wanted her to see everything she was about to lose. I wanted her to suffer. And...I wanted to enjoy her body. Just looking at my new body in the mirror was making me wet. I ran a hand across my yoga pants and between my legs, sighing lightly as a pleasure shivered through me. There would be plenty of time for this soon.

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