Brutal Spanking Stories

By Jade K. Scott

This erotic story collection contains tales of brutal punishment delivered by cruel, unflinching masters to their unsuspecting victims. You’ll find three totally brutal spanking stories!

Word Count: Approximately 16,700

WARNING: This is an erotic short story collection for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen. This story contains graphic depictions of brutal spanking, caning, belt whipping, punishment, and sexual intercourse.

Copyright 2011 Jade K. Scott, All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

“Spanking Ashley”

Chapter One

Professor Reginald Davis was one of the most respected teachers at Winslow University. He’d been there for over twenty years, and he was a married father of two who attended church regularly and served on the board of no less than three charitable organizations.

In fact, Professor Davis had never even thought of cheating on his wife. His high moral standards simply wouldn’t permit it. Although beautiful women certainly caught his eye, he had never once thought he might act on his desires.

It was the end of the term, and he’d just handed out grades. Most of his students had passed, but one student in particular was having trouble understanding some of the equations. That student was Ashley Timmons, and she came to him late one evening as he was clearing out his desk to go home.

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