Lying is costly

In a small village there was a diner called Carlos, there worked a young lady called Isabella. She is a 17 year old girl who works there during the summer.

Once upon a time came a customer and asked for a burger and fries. After the customer had his meal, he asked for the bill. Isabella gave him the bill of $13. The customer noticed that the burger in the menu costs $10 but kept silent.

After a couple of day came another customer and asked for the same order, once they asked for the bill, she billed them for $15. The customer was confused and asked why the price was different than the menu.

Isabella said “we have changed our prices last week, sir”. She was lying the prices were the same, but she took the extra charge for herself.

The customer wasn’t convinced and asked for the manager. Isabella started to get nervous that she would be caught in her act! She tried to convince the customer not to talk to the manager but he wasn’t convinced. The manager noticed the noise, “what is the problem?” He asked.

I have ordered a burger and fries, and when the bill came it said $15! And in the menu the price is $10, which is not acceptable.” The customer replied

The manager frowned and said “but the price for your meal is $10, why would the bill be $15?”

They both turned and looked at Isabella who was nervously biting her lip. She suddenly started crying and apologizing for her behavior and told the truth. The manager was very mad.

Is this the first time you do this, Isabella?” He asked. Isabella looked down in reply. He asked for the bills of the days Isabella worked and noticed that she had done this before. After finding who she had lied to, the manager asked her to return the money she got and fired her.

Isabella has leaned a very expensive lesson. Lying is costly. When she lied to customers, the cost was her summer job.

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