The Hotel South Dakota

The 3rd Tory Bauer Mystery

by Kathleen Taylor

Copyright © 1997 by Kathleen Taylor

Smashwords Edition

This is for Kris, Jane, and Mouse, like me, members of Snohomish High School's Class of 1970.


This book would not have come into being without the patient, unflagging support of the Cheerleading Crew: Jody Weisflock, Lorah Houser Jankord, Dave and Diane Willis, Diane Jankord, Betty Baloun, and the newcomer Shirley McDermott,of the Uncommon Buffalo. I also want to thank Jane Dystel and Carrie Feron for listening to me whine, and prodding me along, and believing that I could do it.

And of course, nothing in my life would ever be accomplished if not for Terry, Curtis, Genevieve, and Matthew.

Special thanks go to my son Curtis Taylor ( ), who prodded me into releasing the series as e-books. He designed the wonderful new covers. I’m especially grateful to my friend Ryan Boettger, and his students in the Department of Linguistics & Technical Communication at the University of North Texas, Chris Dennis, Cheryl Harrell, Carrie Klein, and Taylor Lane in particular, for doing such a wonderful job in converting this book to the proper format.


With all due respect, Robert Fulghum got it wrong—kindergarten is not where life's important lessons are learned. Sharing and napping and neatness are all well and good, but the sexless elementary school environment does nothing to prepare you for the hormonal whammy that awaits. With the possible exception of how to handle an IRS audit, everything you really need to know about the world of grown-ups, you learned in high school.

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