About the cover: Non-Retrieval was the first e-book I published, back in Sept. of 2010. At that point in time I had never created a book cover before, so I was extremely limited in how to go about making one. Over the next few years, I ended up designing a total of 11 different book covers before I finally bit the bullet and purchased an image from the Fotolia website.

The insets on this magazine’s first page were all official covers for the Non-Retrieval novella at one point. They use Public Domain pictures of oversized bugs or soldier pics from U.S. military websites. The big problems I had in choosing a cover were:

1. I had no budget to buy a picture.

2. My Space Marines wore uniforms in gray and black.

3. My bad guys looked like giant roaches.

4. The landscape of my alien planet was colored in purple, gray and black.

You can see how I tried to gray out pictures and use a color scheme that would match the uniforms I had my soldiers wearing, and also of the hostile planet they were on. Nothing really fit until I discovered that Fotolia picture featuring a model wearing the exact sort of uniform I envisioned. It isn’t a perfect picture, but it’s good enough!

Maybe in an issue or two, I’ll discuss what happened when I tried to hire an artist to create a book cover for my novel Dobrynia’s Path 1. Cutting to the point, it did not work out, and so I’m still doing what I can with stuff that is freely available or at a low cost. Besides, I’m not publishing under any big book company. I want my covers to be ‘good enough,’ and I want my writing to be great.


Verum Et Inventa

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