Lana reached into the left-hand pocket of her black jacket and pulled out a slip of paper. “Yea, but it wasn’t easy…” She handed the paper to Caroline.

Caroline looked at the two codes on the paper and nodded. “Good, now we just have to get in. The security guards switch shifts at midnight. That should give us a brief window to get inside and back out again without drawing much attention.”

Lana was uneasy. “What time is it now?”

Caroline looked at her watch. “It’s 11:45. Not long now.”

Lana felt like her stomach was turning inside out. “Carol, are you sure we should be doing this? Is it really right?”

Caroline looked over at the imposing corporate office building. M.E.E.R. stood for Marketed Evolution of Electronic Revitalization. They were a successful electronics company supplying millions of people with high-speed wireless internet access as well as the newest examples of electronic hardware in the form of next generation desktops, laptops and tablet computers. They were also a charitable corporation with their CEO personally donating millions of dollars to organizations looking into cancer research and helping needy families. Still though, Caroline despised them.

Caroline looked back at Lana. “M.E.E.R. supplies millions of people with electronics technology. They’re partially responsible for what we’re dedicated to stopping. If we destroy their corporate mainframe it will cripple their company, leading to millions being without access to their technology. That will force them to stop relying on electronics and live the way humans are supposed to live.”

Lana still had doubts. “’The way humans are supposed to live…’ You sound like your fiancé…”

Caroline scowled. “We’re not engaged. Who told you that?”

Lana raised an eyebrow. “He did…”

Caroline blinked. She had repeatedly told him that she was not ready for that kind of commitment, and now he was telling the other members of the organization that they were engaged? She shook her head. “Well, he’s lying. Now come on, we have no time to waste. “

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