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What others say about Getting Free by Gina Lake…

"The author has a talent for distilling volumes of complex spiritual wisdom into highly accessible and readable books. She is able to convey, simply and poignantly, the essence of how to live an awakened life. Getting Free shows us how to break the bonds of conditioning so that we may live from our highest Self. This book adds to her previous invaluable contributions by including chapters on clearing negativity, learning to ask for help from our spirit guides, and providing practical tools for living from unconditioned, compassionate, heart-centered Presence Awareness rather than from our ego. Highly recommended."—Jeff Bronson

"Getting Free truly lives up to the name. I keep this book handy and have referred to it over and over. Gina Lake's writing style is that of a friend chatting with you. It is a loving, gentle handbook to help you let go of preconceived notions and move on! I am a huge fan of Gina Lake's work. I read and reread her books, and each time I get more and more wisdom from them." –Kathy Vitcak

"I just can't say enough about Getting Free. I have read it twice, and now keep it handy as a reference guide that offers practical advice and help along the path to awakening. Gina's teachings are extremely clear and easy to understand, making application to real life situations an easier choice. It contains helpful advice on meditation, acceptance, love, psychology, negative thinking, working with angels, and much more." –Leann Lawrence

"An inspiring, yet easy to read book. I really enjoyed Getting Free. Gina Lake presents her spiritual and psychological knowledge in a clear and concise fashion. She breaks down the information into bite-size pieces that help you gain an understanding of why we do the things we do. In addition, she offers many suggestions and functional exercises that can guide us along the path to becoming free. I found her gentle and insightful approach to be very helpful to me and my own personal journey. I will definitely reread this book and refer to it again." –Celeste Gerard

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