Treading Softly With Angels Among Minefields

An Autobiography

Robert Egby

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First Published in print by Three Mile Point Publishing, February 2011

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A PHOTO OF DEATH AND A BOWTIE: A spirit voice urged the author to take a “general view” of a killing in Cyprus. It shows the slain body of a man named Bonici, surrounded by his fiancée Drosoulla, Cyprus Mail editor Brian Wright, British Army officer Major Dick Stuckey. But the general view also showed Nicos Sampson, a journalist standing on the right of the Major. The spirit suggestion only became apparent when some months later, the journalist was arrested as an E.O.K.A. killer group leader. This picture was splashed on the front pages of most British dailies. The bowtie? Bonici, A sales manager at an upscale store on Murder Mile sold this bowtie to the author. Bonici showed him how to tie it before hurrying off to meet his love for lunch. A few minutes later, he was dead, a victim of the Cyprus Emergency. Sampson was sentenced to death -- for carrying a gun, reprieved, and returned to an independent Cyprus to run a newspaper. He also became de facto President of Cyprus for a few days.

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