Winter Wheat


Alexander Hope

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Germany spawned from the umbra embryo of Satan’s seed, birthed screaming heretics demanding religion’s immediate and bloody disembowelment. “Religion is a fantasy now and always!” scribbled Marx and Freud. While the masses knelt down and prayed, Nietzsche’s festering brain attacked the constant, human religious impulse. He said, “The greatest event of recent times is that God is dead! That belief, in the theory that a Christian God is no longer tenable, is now beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe. Among the advanced races, the decline and ultimately the final collapse of the constant, human religious impulse will leave a huge, all-consuming vacuum. The history of our modern times will be in vast part the history of how that vacuum is finally filled.”

Was God dead? or just interminably fatigued. Why should He worry about what the little human idiots, who people His Holy Garden, did with their feeble lives? Why waste His precious time with further evolution? Let the little idiot jerks keep their little brains and littler hearts. During the tumultuous start of the Twentieth Century, God must have surly turned His gaze elsewhere. How else could it have begun: that long, treacherous Century of Evil?

God, created in the image of Man, must have turned His gaze or He must have allowed Evil to lurk in one of His many blind spots. God was watching, but as with most all of Earth’s creatures, His peripheral vision was obstructed or muted or somehow damaged. Hundreds of blind spots dotted the map during the treacherous Century of Evil: this obscene tale began in one such blind spot. The battle between Evil and Good will begin and end in this infamous blind spot.

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