Comments on Carlos Blanco-Perez's Essay (2018) "On the Principles of a Social Theory"

By Razie Mah

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These comments concern Carlos Blanco-Perez's essay, "On the Principles of a Social Theory", published in the journal Cadmus (volume 3(5), 2018, pages 75-80). A curious use of words in the abstract serves as a launching point for developing a social theory that satisfies the 10 premises that the author wishes to establish. Models based on Peirce's triadic relations can be diverse. The social theory developed here relies on the nature of Peirce's secondness and applies (like most of the premises) most rigorously to the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.

Prerequisites include A Primer on the Category-Based Nested Form, A Primer on Sensible and Social Construction. Additional reading includes How to Define the Word "Religion" and The Human Niche.

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Essence and existence0, esse and form0

First, Tenth and Second Premises

Premises Four and Three

Premises Five and Six

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