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Lester’s Story

Carey Mozena

Copyright 2011 Carey Mozena

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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A chilly breeze wafted through the early morning sky as the sun began to rise. Lester shivered as he began setting up the poles to his tarp for the flea market. He had been looking forward to opening day, and had loaded his van with all sorts of goodies to sell. Since the ground was blacktopped, Lester brought concrete blocks with him to tie the tarp to so that it wouldn’t dance around in the breeze. He noticed that other people had brought different kinds of weights for their tarps; one person was using milk jugs filled with water, another was tying the tarp to the tables they had brought. The woman next to him was hanging baby clothes onto the frame of the tarp to hold it down. Lester watched them for a moment and got back to setting his own tarp up.

The first rays of the sun shone brightly in the cloudless sky, revealing hundreds of people just like Lester setting up tarps and tables to show off and sell their goods. Looking around, Lester noticed that there weren’t as many people as was usual for opening day. He figured that the thunderstorms forecasted for that evening were to blame. He shrugged it off. The flea market never lasted past five o’clock anyway, and he could always pack up early. He yawned as he began unpacking the first box.

Not long after he began, he got his first customer. Lester smiled. It was always good luck to make your first sale before you were done setting up. He paused as he helped the young man around his stand. Lester explained what kinds of tools he had, and gave reasons why the young man might need one. The young man listened half-heartedly, and left the stand without making a purchase. Lester sighed and got back to work.

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