Czech Cooking
Volume II Traditional Main Courses

Copyright ©2011 by Jana Mladek

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Czech Cooking is a collection of recipes collected, preserved and authored by Jana Mladek, a USDA employee in food safety and vaccine development for more than decade. The recipe collection ranges from the traditional Czech recipes passed down through Bohemian ancestry or translated from antique 1800's cookbooks and adapted for American kitchens to our own original recipes with more diversity reflecting our lifestyle and new trends in Czech Cooking. This is the second Volume of recipes in this series. Czech Cooking Volume II contains 20 traditional main courses typically served in Bohemia for generations.

Czech cuisine was influenced by its neighbors, primarily the Germans and the Hungarians. Traditional Czech cuisine was shaped by long cold winters without fresh produce. It consists of fresh and smoked meats, flour, potatoes, onions, pickled vegetables, all with a lot of animal fat. However, with fresh vegetables, fish and meat now available throughout the year, the situation is changing and healthier trends are emerging. All over the Czech Republic, fanciful Old Bohemian restaurants are being established, serving mainly roasted and grilled meat, soups served in loaves of bread, and similar treats. However, the Czech cuisine still contains a great number of good meals that are derived from the home cooking of our ancestors.


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