A Novel


Robert A. Chapin

Copyright 2007

Smashwords Edition

This story is not intended as literal account or an exact portrayal of any persons living or dead. Obviously, it has been important to the author to protect the identity of some of the characters in this story, and for that purpose, names and descriptions have been changed.

An excerpt from “Orphans Of The Mourning”


This is an excerpt from my first novel: Orphans Of The Mourning, available for download here on Smashwords. There are certain chapters which I believe touch the soul of the reader. As you read the various chapters I am placing (FREE) on Smashwords, it is also my desire that you will purchase the book. It is available for $1.99 - a far cry from the hard cover issues of $24.95.

This story was originally written in 1991 when I found a diary from my days in Vietnam. It was originally written as an autobiography and later changed to a novel. It has taken me nearly 20 years to complete, but on my fourth attempt, it has finally become a dream fulfilled.

* * *

Sergeant Preston Cunningham is reassigned from a civilian status position while serving with the Army in Frankfurt, Germany into the heat of battle in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam he finds himself carrying out the duties of a company scrounge - someone who has been given the commander’s blessings to do whatever necessary to make the war machine tick. He is ordered to “acquire” whatever items are needed - both for personal pleasure and for the good of the unit.

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