About Responding to God -Learning from the Life and Legacy of Hezekiah.

This nine chapter Bible study examines the life of Hezekiah, great biblical leader. It explores topics such as God’s kindness, answered prayer, bad parents, pride, mentoring, prophecy, God’s timing our identity in Christ, and leaving a legacy. Each chapter challenges us to learn from Hezekiah’s success and failures and apply God’s principles in our own lives so that we leave a legacy that brings glory to God. Responding to God- Learning from the Life and Legacy of Hezekiah shows readers that the entire Bible, from the prophecies of Isaiah to the annuals of Kings and Chronicles, is relevant for their lives today.

What Readers Say

"My very first Bible study was Responding to God. I have since taken others and look back to the Hezekiah study and really appreciate the base it gave me. The learning that occurred was deep and meaningful. It is a study that meets you where you are and builds with your efforts to learn. Thank you for the learning and growing opportunity." Teresa Chelko, Food Stylist, Mom, and leader

"This study takes on the challenge of a character and time in the life of Israel that is often intimidating and therefore skipped over. It breaks down the life of this man and makes him real, tangible, relatable. It is refreshing and challenging to walk through the life of a character in Scripture that ends up being more like us than we imagined. It is a perfect example of the Word of God being living and active, intersecting with life today in my heart, my home, in my relationships." Amy Gallagher; Mom, Teacher, Bible Study leader

Penny's Hezekiah study put flesh on this brave yet flawed man of God. Though I took part in the study several years ago, I still ruminate on two particulars brought out by Penny's insightful questions. The good king/bad king pattern of Israel's history still encourages me to stay diligent in my parenting, even in the midst of ministry. And the haunting question: Does God answer prayers He doesn't agree with? continues to bring me back to Jesus' prayer, Thy will be done." Angie Moses; Artist, Author, Mom and Minister's Wife

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