Devil’s Work

The Knowledge

It’s been with me as long as I can remember, this desire to seek out hidden places. When we were kids it was about exploration, about breaking the rules and trying to discover what it was the adults didn’t want us to know. We located hidden places and made them our own. We didn’t think about the danger. It didn’t enter our heads that some places were better off hidden. It didn’t seem to matter then. Perhaps if we hadn’t acquired the knowledge it wouldn’t matter still. Perhaps one day we’d be encouraging our own children to go and seek adventures in hidden places.

The knowledge changed all that. The knowledge made us old. The knowledge has a way of passing itself on from one generation to the next.

That’s why I fear for the children, because the knowledge is waiting for them. It lurks in its hidden places and calls out. Somewhere close by there’s a child with a thirst for adventure. Somewhere close by is the next poor soul in line to acquire the knowledge.

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