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New Zealand 1,074

Germany 729

S Africa 625

Ireland 582

France 229

Spain 184

Italy 56

Netherlands 42

Switzerland 26

Austria 14

(These do not include variants such as Palmore, Pallamore, Parmer, Palme, which would nevertheless be of interest to genealogists.)

Is the Palmer name scarce? In the two main locations, UK and USA it is found in 0.045% of the population of Britain, and in more populous USA where numerically, more Palmers are found, they are proportionately fewer, at 0.008%.In “The World Book of Palmers (1995), the 89,856 households was distributed as follows:

USA 55%

UK and Ireland 30%

Australia 8%

Canada 6%

Europe, New Zealand S Africa etc 2%.

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