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She’s in Brazil on a secret mission for her father…

A quiet, conservative teacher who’s lived in one small Virginian town all her life, Marisa Elliott plunges into a desperate adventure when she meets Scott Dunbar a devilishly handsome pilot, who is apparently down on his luck. Marisa tells him she’s searching for her Confederate ancestors who fled to Brazil during the Civil War. She persuades him to take her far into the jungles of the Amazon, but she doesn’t tell him her relatives have offered to give back the bank money they absconded with so long ago—money her father wants her to bring home to clear the Elliott name.

He has an agenda all his own….

Once burned in a bad marriage, Scott Dunbar hates commitment of any kind. To him, love is a four-letter word. He wants Marisa, though he knows she’s not the kind of girl to settle for a one-night stand. Or is she? He’s hiding something, but then, so is she. He just can’t figure out what. Is she really here to find her missing relatives? Or is her mission something much more sinister?


Our two main characters, Marisa and Scott, are an unlikely match—a small-town, conservative schoolteacher and a rough and tumble, ex-pat pilot with a penchant for archeology and a thirst for danger—and for Marisa, of course. But our girl knows what she wants, or at least what she doesn’t want, which is a one-night stand—no matter how sexy and tempting Scott is. He thinks that’s a shame, and I tended to agree with him, though I can kind of see her point. Still, given a choice between a fling with a hunk and my virtue, I confess my virtue would probably lose. When the two bicker and she goes off on her own with just a native guide who doesn’t want to be there, things really get interesting. The writing’s good, the story’s charming, and the plot’s got enough surprises to keep you happily turning pages. So grab a cup of tea, put dibs on your favorite spot on the couch, sit back, and enjoy Amazon Treasure! – Taylor, Reviewer

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