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Left-Handed But Not Left Behind, A Positive Approach For The Left-Handed Student

By Annie Danese Thomassen

Copyright 2003 Annie DaneseThomassen

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to: My daughters Erin and Jelica, without them I would never know how to truly love and nurture a child have or joy of motherhood. Also to Jelica my fellow lefty for inspiring me to start this manual and Harry my husband and best friend for encouraging me to finish it.

I want to acknowledge and thank my lefty Mom Mary Elizabeth for her love and dedication to my book. Doris Schmucker, fellow lefty, for the illustration and design of the cover and editing. Dr. Robert Barylski, fellow lefty, for teaching me what true research is. Dr. Judy Polumbaum for her professional input, and Gloria Danese for her editing and the title.

FOREWORD By Stefan Vogel

I was excited to hear recently from Annie Thomassen, who was writing a manual for teaching handwriting to left-handers. This is still sorely needed in our public schools today. Some 40 years ago, Annie was one of the pupils I taught in a special handwriting class for left handers. In the mid-1950s, it was recognized that left-handers needed to be taught to write differently than right-handers, but the movement never caught on as it should. Handwriting instruction has been declining for the past 50 years in many American schools and too little attention is paid beyond the K-3 years. I can say this having had 31 years as a public school supervising principal and a lefty at that!

Unfortunately for lefties, handwriting manuals usually do not recognize their needs, and those that do are often incorrect in methodology. Furthermore, prospective teachers are poorly trained in handwriting methods in general, and almost never about the specific problems that left-handers face in a right handed world.

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