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Praise for Wormwood

“…not since I picked up The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, have I been so enraptured by what I was reading! Ms. Nevins’ writing is sheer genius, well thought out, extremely well written, and polished to perfection. Wormwood is a book I want on my shelf, in my collection, to be able to pick up and return to on a whim…!” —Christine M. Butler, author of Birthrights

“…this is post-apocalyptic fiction at its finest… On top of the impressive thematic content, Nevins’ writing style is crisp and clear, and the narrative chugs along at a crackling pace. …one hell of a solid novel.” —Steven Montano, author of Blood Skies

“Nevins writes with an attention to detail and pace that takes you in and drags you along like a strong undercurrent.” —Craig Hallam, author of Not Before Bed – and other stories

“ Wow. I actually thought I was out of breath … an excellent read.” —R.W. Goodship, author of The Camera Guy

“Kali is a tough, resourceful protagonist, and Tiamat a half-angel tortured by his orders from on high. The sexual tension between the two is palpable. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic tales with a healthy dose of paranormal romance, Wormwood will not disappoint.” —Nancy Brauer, author of Strange Little Band

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