What others are saying about “THE 7 YEAR PLAN”

Dear Gary and Barbara,

I finally finished reading your WONDERFUL book! I was slow in reading it, but found it to be very encouraging and informative. I can tell you after all your rises, and crash and burns, I have a higher respect for you! You are truly a hero and a good friend! Through your successes and failures, great blessings and huge rejections, you have tapped into some important keys and have uncovered some mysteries that only could have come by counting the costs and dying to yourself. Thank you for paving the way for other leaders to walk into their fullness!

· In this book you will see how to overcome mountains and make them fuel to further your vision and divine destiny.

· “THE 7 YEAR PLAN” shows how a man overcame great disasters and turned them into learning experiences to further the Kingdom of God.

· This book shows us how through all your mountains in your life how to be a strong leader and to fight the good fight and become successful.

· This book shows that God’s plans and purposes are being poured out to those leaders who will get over their circumstances and will step into the supernatural plans and desires of the Holy Spirit.

· Gary Bundy shows leaders how to excel even through the roadblocks of life to step into the perfect call and destiny of God.

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