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This book is written from memory to the best of my ability.

February made me shiver,

With every paper I’d deliver….

- Don Maclean-‘American Pie’


Fat lazy snowflakes floated down as I left my house in the fading light. By the time I reached the corner drug store, it looked as if a giant fan was blowing in all the snow in the world into my neighborhood. This was my first winter delivering papers. Welland, Ontario, was occasionally brutalized by Lake Erie snowstorms. So far, December had been mostly cold and rainy.

On the sidewalk in front of Vasko's Drugs, my bundle of 80 papers lay on its side, a drift already threatening to consume it. My fingers, stiff from the cold wind seeping into my thin gloves, could barely grasp the store’s door handle. Gratefully inside, I took off my gloves, stomped snow from my boots, and shook out my delivery bag. While rubbing my hands together I watched a slow parade of cars cautiously plowing past.

A big blue car stopped beside the curb. Larry Fortin jumped out and retrieved his bundle of papers. His dad leaned across and opened the door as Larry tossed in the bundle. In a moment, they vanished, melting into the white blur.

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