Her attitude said deal with it. He instead challenged tightly, “Yeah, ok…Tory punished me, and you punished Tory…so, since you admitted that you screwed up too…who gets to warm your ass?”

Score one for him.

You'd better be careful, Tobias,” she warned.

His own eyes weren't much friendlier. “I am a Dom. And you've got no cause to treat me like some green kid!”

Now, her eyes settled a new look on him. “And I am your Prime. I decide when and if you get to exercise that Rank…you haven't Ascended yet.

Yeah I know,” he sneered, “…up to you, probably won't either. You get such a big kick outta keeping me were I'm at.”

Her eyes widened in true surprise, and her accent thickened a bit. “What's that supposed to mean? I get a kick outta it?”

He shot her a sideways look. “Figure it out.”

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