Mister Barnier thereupon declares himself overdue for a peace pint at the Gelbian pub, whereas miss Barnier feels her creative juices surging, ravaged flat needs redecorating. eTrev’s presence on the former battlefield is no longer required.

He bids the couple farewell and walks over to the second tower, where he has his bachelor flat. High time for a shower, to wash off the salt water from this morning’s surf, and to get himself a bit more dressed, before the next call.

eTrev’s one bedroom place looks exactly like he found it on the day of his arrival. Same basic furniture and equipment, not one single personal item around.

His originator moved from boarding school to barracks to boardinghouses without ever acquiring a permanent residence. Trevor Whyte never developed any interior design preferences or collector habits. The ghost does notice that the flats he gets to visit, in his official function, tend to be far more decorated than his own place. He’s prepared to call some of what he sees pretty. But he’s not going to waste time on whether he’d prefer a poster of the Super Eagles or the Verlipool all stars on his living room wall. It’s all there to watch on the gadgets, why bother?

Awarding himself a can of lager, for a mental bloke-to-bloke cheers to Mister Barnier and his peace pint, eTrev settles on the couch and gets out his phone. Normally, he’d prefer the lounger on his tiny balcony, but he can’t have fellow ghosts listening in.

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