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Virgin Wanted

Opal Carew writing as

Amber Carew

Gillian is tired of her mother trying to push her on a date with her boss' son. She doesn't want to be hooked up with any guy—especially a rich one—let alone one who would put an ad in the paper looking for a virgin, no less.

Cade is tired of his father trying to hook him up with a bride. If he did want to find a wife, which is not tops on his priority list, he is perfectly capable of finding his own woman. In fact, he's quite intrigued by the sparky-eyed beauty storming out of his office building. She's spunky, determined — and sexy as hell. When she mistakes him for a blue collar worker, he decides this is the perfect opportunity to get to know a woman he's attracted to without worrying about whether she's after his money.

Gill is determined to put Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome out of her mind, even though his touch ignites her passion like a keg of jet fuel. Mom calls that kind of passion infatuation. Cade calls it chemistry. Gill just calls it dangerous.

Praise for Virgin Wanted

(Previously published as Beyond the Clouds)

5 Angels!
"Beyond the Clouds was an emotional roller coaster of a story. Carew really knows how to bring the reader into the lives of her characters. This story is one any reader will want to pick up time and time again. Beyond the Clouds truly shows how love can change the heart and soul of every person it touches."
Sarah, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Stars!
"...Beyond the Clouds is the quintessential love story about two people who meet by circumstance yet are fated to be together ...their chemistry is sizzling. I recommend this story for those enjoying a sweet love story laced with witty dialogue and steamy love scenes."
J.B. DuBose, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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