"It's... incredible. What is it?"

"Eyes and ears, everywhere."

I understood.

"Is my living room on one of those screens?"

"Yes. That one," Ira pointed at a screen far in the distance, squinting and getting on her tip toes as if actually trying to reach it. I chuckled at her playful gesture and she smirked back in return. It was like we were in high school again.

"I'm sorry about your mother," she said after a short pause. I looked back down at her sombrely. "She was always really kind to me," she continued.

"You were there right?" I asked her abruptly.


"The funeral."

"Oh. Yes, I'm sorry about that I-"

"No no, it's fine. I just. I've been, confused. This has all been really strange and I was never 100% sure if you were connected to all this."

"Yeah, I figured the pizza would-"

"It did," I said with a smile. Her demeanour relaxed, and she smiled back.

"So, how are you connected to all this?" I asked her. She looked slightly confused and answered back matter-of-factly, "I run it."

"You what."

"I'm in charge," she responded sternly again.

"You're in charge?"

"I think that's what I just said."

I stayed silent for a second. Out of disbelief.

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