You didn’t have to. You saw me in my boxer shorts when I greeted you at the door.”

Alexis was silent for several seconds as she recalled what she had seen. Six feet one or two, gray eyes, muscular but with a little extra weight showing around the middle, sandy hair that hadn’t been combed recently, a week-old beard. Not bad looking at all.

Derek cleared his throat to break her out of her reverie. She blushed and said, “I was just thinking of the pile of work waiting for me back at the complex.”

He just smiled and nodded his head. “How about some coffee?”

Thankful the conversation had changed directions she answered, “Yes. I definitely need coffee.”

He turned his back, reached into an overhead cabinet for a cup, and filled it from a high-end Cuisinart coffee maker.

In an effort to normalize the conversation she commented, “That’s a pretty fancy coffee brewer. Are you a coffee connoisseur?”

No, I got this for my wife. She was picky about her coffee. She ordered coffee beans sent straight from Columbia. . . . All I need is strong and black. Do you take cream or sugar?”

No thanks. I like mine black also.”

Good thing. I’m out of both.”

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