Women in Charge

Total Male Servitude

Part 7 of Femdom Future

By Miranda Birch

Copyright ©2019 Miranda Birch. All Rights Reserved.

This is the seventh part of an on-going serial exploring a possible future world — a Femdom Future world!

In this seventh episode, we return to the world outside the walls of the various institutes dedicated to the training, correction and punishment of the male. What is the fate of those trained males who avoid being sent to punishment prison? As we shall see, it is far from being an easy life. Servitude and suffering is their fate.

Please be advised, this story is over 9,000 words long. It is a short story, not a novel!

The previous episodes of "Femdom Future" are:

1. Rigorous Retraining.

2. More Rigorous Retraining.

3. The Auction.

4. National Domestic Service.

5. Punishment Prison.

6. Abuse of Power.

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Denise Marks was very excited. Now that she was eighteen, she was entitled to claim a male slave of her very own. Her mother was old-fashioned, and they did not have a single slave in the house. Well, there was daddy, but he hardly counted. He did all the housework for Mummy, of course; but she hardly ever even punished him! Denise had grown up feeling rather left out, especially when she heard the girls at school boasting about what their mothers did to their slaves — and what those indulgent ladies allowed them to do to said slaves… 99% exaggerated no doubt, but still…

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