Law School Success

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Law School Success

Law School Success

1. I graduated from the Univ. of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics.

2. Then received a law degree –not from a top tier school.

3. I remain anonymous because what I say goes against the traditional theory of how to study in law school, and what your professors will demand.

a. I almost failed my first semester studying the traditional way or ‘as required by professors’. If the Dean had not allowed me to start the semester over again, I would not have received my law degree.

4. First, buy the commercial legal briefs books at your law school bookstore, and buy the one that follows your assigned casebook.

a. Legal briefs are ‘brief summaries’ of each case in the casebook.

i. Each brief is about 2 paragraphs long –a very easy read.

b. Several publishers exists, but I recommend Casenotes.

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