Bonnie Thompson Glaser, edited these diaries for years 1909-1938 and were published by Faber and Faber, Inc. in 1995 with the title, Ruby, an Ordinary Woman. Bonnie is my aunt and also Ruby’s granddaughter, daughter of Ruth and John Thompson.

I recently started re-reading the diaries written during World War II and found them most interesting and worthy of being seen by others. I realized how little I knew about the events surrounding World War II and what Londoner’s in particular had to endure. These diaries are personal experiences and opinions of Ruby’s marriage and the war she lived through, often not knowing if her house would be the next target of destruction. I cannot imagine having to endure these experiences. Ruby was not able to express her opinions or feelings about either the war or her marriage except in the privacy of her diary. Being able to do so was her saving grace. When her sons read these diaries after their mother’s death in 1970, it has been reported that they were all shocked about her relationship with their father. She apparently was expert at keeping much of her feelings to herself while she was starkly open about them in writing.

I thought that others might also find these diaries of interest and started posting a blog for the World War II Diaries. In doing so I received reactions from people from around the world and this inspired me to publish them in book form for all to enjoy.

This is volume one of a four volume series of diaries written during World War ll. These are Ruby’s outpourings of her experience during the War Blitz bombings that she could not always speak about. Many of the things she says in today’s world would be considered politically incorrect. In this very personal and historical account Ruby writes about her truth of the war and her marriage which she shares with no one but the diary. Some of her opinions will be disturbing to some people. To edit out Ruby’s opinions would be a disservice to Ruby so her words will stand as she wrote them.

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