Maggie Adams

Chapter One

I’m telling you, Verlynne, the man was as big as these here mountains, and shaggy to boot!” Mabel Hastings commented. She adjusted the floral scarf that covered her purple-tinted gray hair, tying it tighter under her chin.

You don’t say? I heard he moved into the old McElroy cabin,” Verlynne said. “Rumor has it he’s all messed up in the head and the face. Brought a dog with him that looks more like a wolf than not. I haven’t seen him, though. Mr. Willikey opens the store up special for him at night.” She shook her head. “Like he was a vampire or something. I guess so he doesn’t have to be around us normal folk.”

Daisy Jones rolled her blue eyes as she waited in line at the local Piggy Wiggly. These damn old biddy gossips were running somebody through the mud again and were going to make her late to open the clinic. She cleared her throat rather loudly to get their attention as she put her items on the conveyor belt.

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