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A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Tale from the Archives

The Shadows of Calcutta

By Phil Rossi

ImagineThat! Studios

Copyright 2010 by ImagineThat! Studios

Smashwords Edition

The Shadows of Calcutta

Phil Rossi

Copyright ImagineThat! Studios 2010

Published by ImagineThat! Studios at Smashwords

"Excuse me?" The excited chatter of the train station swallowed the sweetly accented alto, and a hot breeze carried away any lingering after tone. A hand touched his forearm, and he turned and looked down to see short, lithe Indian woman wearing a well tailored dark suit. Her garb, out of place in the train station, caught him off guard as much as her beauty. She smiled up at him, dark lips parting to reveal rows of perfect teeth. “Is this your first time in India?”

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