Urban Fairytales: Shadow of the Hook

By Erik Schubach

Copyright © 2019 by Erik Schubach

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Chapter 1 – Splashdown

I stumbled as we stepped into Perchta's gardens from the world of man. Before we were fully out of the folds of the Goddess' magic which allowed all of us Avatars to travel the twisting paths between realities my Mandywolf said, “Wow, it's like Neverland.” I tried to cover her mouth before she could finish voicing the thought, and I lost focus on our destination for an instant. That was long enough, and the ground beneath our feet bled away into the nothingness of the night sky. We were falling! Mandy was growling out my name, desperately grasping the air between us to get to me somehow, “Robyn!” Even now she tried to protect me when we were helpless to the pull of gravity. I glanced down as I tried to stabilize my fall instead of spinning at the whim of the air rushing past us. A chain of islands lay below us, cloaked in fog, and ocean waves glittered all around them in the pale moonlight. The moon... it was huge, taking up half the horizon. I noted in a panic, it was a full moon. But the full moon was days away. Amanda's expression turned from panic and need to somehow protect me into something more primal and savage as her body writhed and reformed, her clothing squeezed her and I could hear bones breaking from that constriction until the fabric failed and shredded. Where once was my mate, was now her inner wolf set free. A midnight black killing machine that was all fang and claw. It whimpered in a panic to find itself falling, then howled at me with an animalistic glint in its eyes.
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