Excelling at High Visibility Special Projects:

Your Key to Career Success

(Back cover)

Are you looking for a way to jump-start the rest of your career? Do you want bigger pay increases? Do you want to become better recognized and valued at your job? Do you wonder why other people have been promoted? Are you looking for ways to increase your job security in these tough times?

Your career progression depends (more than you know) on your ability to perform special projects. Special projects are important, high visibility, non-recurring work that comes to you as special assignments in addition to your routine work. Special projects are usually short term, ranging from a few days to a few months. This work is so important to your organization that the people that do it very well are highly valued by their management. You can be one of these people with the help of this booklet.

Most people underestimate the excellence required for special projects and the potential pitfalls involved, including negative career impact.

By reading this booklet, you will learn the following:

The nature and importance of special projects.

How they can impact your career, positively or negatively.

How to perform special projects on time, with excellent results.

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