Indigenous Tom

I’m living in a hut as a warrior which I have a job of hunting for the tribe of people for them. Tribe is full of Humanoid mind walkers who communicate to me via hands’ signs despite not sure if I can get it their mental talk. I do a dance with males among the eater to charm females into mating which females go up to a male they want to mate with and take their arm. The female take the male to a hut and has a mating behavior with them. My sensitive part is aching bothering me enough to want to mate with a female hence I’m dancing with the males. My dancing gets snickering like looks from the females and males looking annoyed. My dancing I realized later involved a stripper tease despite a memory of doing it. I’m doing the dancing despite balking to remove my pants or trousers as their called despite males around the camp wearing skirts sort of twin to Anubis’ wear. I’m trying to charm females who balk coming up to me despite me making gestures with fingers towards them to come. One female who’s heavily pregnant comes up towards me in a mating way as in going up to me and kissing me on the lips. This kissing is followed by doing a humping dance with back to me pumping onto her like she thinks it’s funny. There’s a male wound up coming up to us clad in a skirt appearing to be older and a recognized chieftain leader of the tribe displaying angry behavior in front of us both. The male is jabbing fingers aimed at me and the female and pointing towards a hut and making shooing gestures. The female gestures for older male and me to come with her to a hut which inside the female made a gesture towards me.

She as was indicating “What’s going on with my pregnancy?”

I’m stupid so clueless to her gestures despite older male acting like he knows what it is to see the male gestured towards her pregnant stomach. I wound up willing forwards my Berserker ability that makes my eyes glow golden colored and clawed hands. This look gets the male putting hands over the female’s mouth despite her giving off a loud stadium sized noise via throat.

The noises sound of “Ah!”

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