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Muscle Memory

Alexander Hope

Published by Alexander Hope at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Alexander Hope


Tired of sitting back and watching others get all of the rewards in life? Start a powerful program of self-improvement today. If you must watch four hours of television a night, take advantage of the many advertisements that occupy forty percent of what ever programs you are watching, Do your Muscle Memory exercises during the many commercials. You already know how delicious Lemon Chicken is and that Lays should make a Lemon Chicken flavored potato chip. So mute the television and concentrate on your first Muscle Memory exercise and then go back to watching television and then mute the next advertisement because you don’t need a new Volvo right now, maybe next Spring. For now, you are going to do your next Muscle Memory exercise. When you have muted fourteen advertisements, and you have decided to get some pie from Mimi’s, you have finished your Muscle Memory exercises for the evening.

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