Muscle Memory is one of the easiest self-improvement programs to understand and execute. But you must take the second step. Your first step was downloading the eBook Muscle Memory. You must have either downloaded this eBook for a friend or you have finally decided to stop sleepwalking through life and you have decided that it is time to take control of your brain and thus take control of your life and its future. Today you are going to stop being silly about life and admit to your self that you do have control of what your life should be. As far as I can figure out, life is a gauntlet and the only possible reason we are on this earth is to run the gauntlet and help at least one other human being and their dog through the gauntlet. If you can help more then one human being and his dog through the gauntlet, more power to you. But you can’t help anyone if you don’t help your self. So today you are going to stop believing in all the silly things like numerology astrology, and the silliest of them all, religion. Religion has some redeeming qualities because many religions attempt to help the human race run the gauntlet. And without religion, the suicide rate among mothers who have lost children would be much higher. But how silly to believe in some outside source of control and power. And just when you think it couldn’t get any sillier, you find out that some idiots are killing people who don’t believe in their silliness. That’s like some stand-up comedian killing everyone who doesn’t laugh at his favorite joke. You say what does it hurt to hedge your bet by believing in Numerology, Astrology, Witchcraft or God. I say it’s very harmful. If you convince your brain that it has nothing to do with the outcome of your life, your brain will cease to be creative. So stop believing in silly things. They haven’t worked for you or anyone else. So start giving your brain credit for most of the good or bad in your life. Help it get you mostly good.

You can read Muscle Memory and do nothing with the information. But that same attitude has been your problem in the past. If you had just tried. If you had gone through the pain of starting a new regimen, you wouldn’t be going through the pain of not fulfilling your dreams now. Life appears to have one very simple formula: Pain now. Or pain later.

You have the choice.

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