“Yes, definitely. I’ll speak to Inspector Carter and Sergeant Grant now. Grant will be able to feel it, too, if it’s come back. And Fenn said she wanted to catch it and take it back through the Border. I’m hoping she has some ideas.”

“Good. Good. Go on then.” She shooed him out. “The kiddies will be back soon, I need to get their tea on.”

* * * *

Lew tracked Alec down again at Wapping. He paused in the open doorway of the inspector’s office for a moment, watching him, unobserved. He sat with the ubiquitous cup of tea at his elbow, brown hair swept back out of his eyes with some sort of hair product—probably Brylcreem—concentrating on a typed document in a manila folder.

He was completely absorbed. Lew leaned against the door jamb, taking the moment offered to really see the other man. After the chaos of their finding each other during the initial search for the Creature and all the time they had spent circling around each other, the last few months had almost been an anticlimax. The scorching, dangerous attraction was still there—Lew could feel it now, even with Alec distracted. But it was a completely different way of being for him. He wasn’t used to hiding himself like this.

In his own time, if he was with someone, he didn’t have to hide it. He could touch them in passing, smile at them. Situational awareness wasn’t something he could completely dispense with. But he didn’t have to hide.

Here though…He and Alec were having two relationships. The private one where they were dancing around each other, incandescent desire and the growing connection and deepening feelings something they were both scared of. And the public one, where they stepped away from each other, kept a safe distance, and didn’t quite meet each other’s eyes for fear of giving themselves away.

It was the part of the dislocation of traveling back in time that Lew found hardest to deal with. When he had first arrived in 1919, he had been on automatic pilot for months; working out how to earn, how to eat, how to survive. He’d been lucky to fall in with McGovern and Mrs. Fortune at the newspaper and doubly lucky that Ella Fortune had taken a liking to him and tucked him under her gaudily-clad wing. He hadn’t thought about sex or relationships or anything like that for what seemed like an eon. He’d just put one foot in front of the other, spoken to people as little as possible, and tried to find Mira.

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